Miss Katie Video Stills-15Weekly Drop-in Music Class Schedule:

Come to a drop-in music class, where children, ages 0-5, (and their grown-ups) sing, play instruments, dance, frolic under the parachute, and participate in interactive musical stories!

Lark Cafe (1007 Church Ave. Kensington, Brooklyn)

Terrace Dance Studio (273 PPW @ 17th St. Brooklyn, NY)
$15/ family 


 “Is it possible to have Miss Katie do a music class at my home for my child and his/her friends with their parents/caregivers?”

This too is possible!  To inquire about this option, write Miss Katie at

“Does Miss Katie ever do music classes on weekends or at other times?”
Sometimes she does!  And she’ll let you know about them via email if you sign up for her mailing list up on the right hand side! –>